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Eight past-presidents: (Rear, L-R) Diane Texter, Margarite Falconer, Darcy Drago, Linda Horton, Kathlyn Barno;
(Front, L-R) Carol Roland, Frances Smoot, Echo Heyer.

Soon after she retired in 1964, Edna Jacobs was asked by Superintendent Myron Ashmore to organize a group of retired educators for Broward County. On October 26, 1964, a meeting was held to consider the matter. On November 4, 1964 a constitution was drawn up and by-laws were formed. On February 10, 1965 the first official meeting of BCREA was held. Edna Jacobs was elected president.

Born in Milo, Maine, Edna Kittredge came to Ft. Lauderdale to teach in 1925. She lived with her uncle C. D. Kittredge who was mayor of Ft. Lauderdale at that time and had just built a fine new house. Edna was married to Wallace Jacobs in that house on May 7, 1927. The house later served as Red Cross Headquarters for the county and is now the French Quarter Restaurant.

Edna's first teaching job was at the South side School. After 6 years at South side, she went to West side Elementary as principal and 6th grade teacher. In 1954 she became principal of the new Lauderdale Manors Elementary and continued there until her retirement in 1964.

In the meantime, she served as chairman of the Broward County Elementary Principals Association and was on the State Board of Elementary Principals where she served as vice-chairman. While on the State Textbook Committee she was instrumental in the promotion of legislation to advance elementary school libraries statewide.

In 1979 the Broward County Historical Comission named Edna a Pioneer. She was also activein the First Methodist church where she taught Sunday School, played piano and sang in the choir. Ahs also found time to serve as president of her Delta Kappa Gamma Society.

Edna served as District 10 Director for FREA for 4 years; but BCREA was her pet organization. She loved all its people and always worked in their interests until her late 90's. She died May 17, 2003.

Lillian Lampkins, who served as president from 1986 - 1988 was the first African-American to hold the position.

Past Presidents: Dates of Service:
Edna Jacobs 1965 - 1968
Kenneth Haun 1968 - 1971
Clara Louise Smith 1971 - 1973
Eleanor Van Duren 1973 - 1975
Irene Guellette 1975 - 1977
Hise Tudor 1977 - 1978
Edna Jacobs 1978 - 1979
Wilbur Marshall 1979 - 1981
Lester Trussler 1981 - 1983
Elizabeth Geldbaugh 1983 - 1985
Lailah Waite 1985 - 1986
Lillian Lampkins 1986 - 1988
Kenneth Hendricks 1988 - 1990
Helen Overmyer 1990 - 1992
Kenneth Hendricks 1992 - 1993
Thelma Hendricks 1993 - 1995
Kathlyn Barno 1995 - 1997
Doris Emmett 1997 - 1999
Darcia Drago 1999 - 2001
Frances Smoot 2001 - 2004
Madeline Martin 2004 - 2006
Tom Drilling 2006 - 2008
Linda Horton 2008 - 2010
Margarite Falconer 2010 - 2013
Diane Texter 2013 - 2015
Echo Heyer 2015 -2017
Carol Roland 2017 - 2019
Lillian Small 2019 - 2021
Sue Colton 2021 -

Six more past-presidents: Lillian Lampkins, Kathlyn Barno, Darcy Drago,
Madeline Martin, Tom Drilling and Linda Horton

Past-presidents, 2010 - present: Margarite Falconer, Diane Texter,
Echo Heyer, Carol Roland, Lillian Small and current president Sue Colton.
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